18 February 2021

“International Fresh Food” in a mission to increase domestic producution: “Jona Chicken” conquers the market

Finally, in Macedonia there is a serious production of chicken, for which millions of dollars have been spent for import over the years. The International Fresh Food consortium, made up of domestic and foreign investors, has entered broiler production with an ambitious business plan and construction of farms, slaughterhouses, and halls across the country. In a period of 4 – 5 years, they plan to produce 12.5 million broilers per year, and thus complete their medium-term plan.

-It all started with the entry and expansion of KFC in the Balkans. KFC’s chicken demands are high, and they needed a regional supplier and a regional partner. Given that we were already aware that there is a shortage of chicken production in our country, the idea of ​​investing in broiler production was born. It is a very big investment and together, with the partners from our country and abroad, we made a decision to realize the idea – says Arben Abdurahmani, a well-known and respected businessman whose latest investment, as part of the consortium, propels the economy of an entire region.

This way not only will there be a reduction in the import of fresh chicken meat in the country, which currently accounts for 95% of domestic consumption, but also opens the possibility for a source outside the foreign markets. The plan of the investors is to create a closed circle of production with all the necessary components, starting from the flocks, incubation stations, day-old chicks, food, own farms, modern slaughterhouse to the final product.

Besides in Ginovce and Vrapchishte – Gostivar, Kochani, Shtip, Ohrid, Struga, Vetunica, Karbinci, Sveti Nikole. This means opening more than 3000 new jobs in this industry and further strengthening the cooperation with subcontractors and domestic producers of raw materials.

The products under the name “Jona chicken” are already in retail and consumers can be assured of the quality and taste of our domestic product.

Agrotim is always in support of the domestic agro-complex and in that direction, we recommend consumers to join the mission of “International Fresh Food“, to increase domestic food production, and thus the opportunity to increase arable land and create new jobs.